Pour le site en Français, cliquez ici : teilotroncyfr.wordpress.com

After my education in acting and contemporary dance at the Conservatory of Bordeaux (France), I moved to Amsterdam to study at the SNDO to multiply, challenge and deepen my work as maker-dancer-performer in relation to dance and performance art. Since the 11th of November, I am also a certified Kripalu yoga teacher.

Through dancing, making choreography, and living I aim to ignite dialogues between mind and body, between the conscious and unconscious, and between audience and performance. I am fascinated by the exploration of these dialogues and it remains my primary motivation for continuing a body-based artistic practice.


You will find here my latest artistic statement and informations about the latest news/events/performance in which I am involved in, videos and texts about the different productions I made and also a bio

The last work in collaboration with Ingrid Berger Myhre called Sync

The work in progress Hasta la belleza siempre (until beauty always), choreography for 4 female performers

The triptych solo Tuerie

The Final Curtain, performance for 6 dancers

Are You there, rewriting of a contemporary Oedipus on the frame of chatting forums


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